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Prepare to be amazed!



Dead Channels, Thrillpeddlers (and the forest fires) turn up the heat this summer with WHITE HOT 'N' WARPED WEDNESDAYS at the Hypnodrome.

The Hypnodrome Theatre: 575 10th Street, San Francisco

All shows start at 7:30pm; Doors open at 7:00pm

Tickets are $5.00 at the door. Advance tickets are available at www.thrillpeddlers.com

Our spectacular series of cinematic curiosities and tantalizing twisted tales runs from Wednesday, June 18th through Wednesday August 13th in beautiful downtown San Francisco (at 575 10th Street). The silver screen (and the stage itself) will overflow with odd delights, as we bring you entertaining, imaginative, obscure cinema from around the globe! Join us for ridiculously enthralling motion pictures that deserve to be seen with a proper audience on a big screen.

The Hypnodrome Theatre will burst at the seams with WHITE HOT 'N' WARPED comedy, drama, western, science-fiction, horror and a few unclassifiable gems. Thrilling pre-show live warm-up acts will heat things up, and we'll dig through the infamous Cosmic Hex Archives for appropriately warped short subjects as well.

Watch for trailers for coming attractions after the movie concludes (just like the old days)! Fresh popcorn, tasty snacks and satisfying refreshments are always available at the Hypnodrome Theatre. Ample street parking is available and we're giving away great prizes at the screenings from our friends at TLA Releasing -- so hold onto your ticket stubs! Mark your calendar. Tickets are available at the door, and online at www.thrillpeddlers.com. See you at the movies!

Wednesday June 18th! One Night Only!

White Hot 'N' Warped Wednesdays


Written and directed by Sean Abley (2007)

The WHITE HOT 'N' WARPED WEDNESDAYS film series begins with a jolt. We're flying the Rainbow Flag for Pride Month, and invite you to turn on, plug in and get off with SOCKET.



Watch: www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIZpimE_gCU


The inaugural WHITE HOT presentation (and shout-out to Pride Month) is Sean Abley's electrifying SOCKET - a darkly sexual, intelligent, cautionary science-fiction tale about the razor-thin line between desire and need. Sexual obsession, electricity, blacker-than-pitch humor and a touch of Cronenbergian madness - what more could you want from a movie? SOCKET plugs you in to a new dimension of electrifying entertainment (and we promise that you'll never look at an electrical outlet quite the same way again).


Producer Doug Prinzivalli and star Matthew Montgomery will be on hand to introduce the film and participate in post-screening Q&As. www.velvetcandyentertainment.blogspot.com


Wednesday June 25th! One Night Only!

White Hot 'N' Time-Warped Wednesdays


Join Cockette Rumi and special guest chanteuse Cara Vida for "A Cocktail of Glamour and Anarchy" plus a rare screening of the 1972 feature ELEVATOR GIRLS IN BONDAGE by Michael Kalmen with Rumi essaying the role of --Maxine'.

Wednesday July 2nd! One Night Only!

White Hot 'N' Warped Wednesdays


Directed by Omar Ali Khan (2007)


See for yourself: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TJKfOT0j1Q



Brace yourself for a night of action packed mayhem, comic-book panel interludes, moustache-twirling villainy, and gory, old-school Fulci-esque chunk-blowing exotica at the Bay Area premiere of Omar Ali Khan's ZIBAHKHANA (HELL'S GROUND)! This award-winning splatter film (and global film festival favorite) is a strangely familiar, yet strikingly unique, love letter to classic American horror movies. Check out the trailer and you'll get a really good idea of what the night holds in store. Don't miss it on the Hypnodrome's giant screen... or the moon will run red with blood and eternal peril will surely befall you! Mmwuahahaha!!

A Horror movie on the doorstep of the Taliban: Postcard from Islamabad....

"ZIBAHKHANA means slaughterhouse in Urdu, but the English title is HELL'S GROUND. Either title works for 78 minutes of voodoo creepiness, cannibalism, zombies -- one of them a midget -- gore, disfiguring diseases and a seriously messed up mother-son relationship.

Khan wanted his first full-length feature to be a tribute to the formative films of his youth: PSYCHO, EVIL DEAD, THE EXORCIST, maybe a little ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. "I want this to be the first mindless midnight cult movie ....Pakistan.... has ever had," he told an attentive audience. He's well on his way. If Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Norman Bates and the guy who knows what you did last summer got together for a Friday the 13th party in ....Islamabad...., ZIBAHKHANA would be the result." -- Time magazine


Wednesday July 9th! One Night Only!

White Hot 'N' Time-Warped Wednesdays

Asylum of the Insane)
Directed by Byron Mabe. Written by David F. Friedman. 1967


 "Behind the tents and tinsel of a monster midway, something barbaric occurs on the Alley of Nightmares!"

Claire Brennen is a waitress who leaves the greasy-spoon diner business for the excitement of the carnival, but quickly discovers that she actually despises freaks and human oddities. Uh-oh! Join us in a Shock-Box to witness Tod Browning's 1932 classic,
Freaks, get dragged across the sawdust floor of a 42nd Street grindhouse.

Wednesday July 16th! One Night Only!

White Hot 'N' Warped Wednesdays

Written and directed by Tommy Wiseau (2003)

Take a look:



Dead Channels proudly brings Tommy Wiseau's cult phenomenon THE ROOM to San Francisco. Prepare to be flabbergasted!


A True Outsider Masterpiece....

"Perhaps the best testament to the greatness of THE ROOM is its utter indescribability and its curiously strong resistance to mimetic, second-hand description". -- Michelson on imdb.com

On July 16th, after a four-year (thus far) run as a monthly midnight movie in Los Angeles, Tommy Wiseau's underground cult sensation. THE ROOM is coming to ....San Francisco..... The management and staff of Dead Channels guarantee that this screening will be one of the strangest viewing experiences you will ever have! Don't believe us? In the San Francisco Bay Guardian, Dennis Harvey described the movie as "Tommy Wiseau's so-bad-it's-surreal cult microhit," - and that's actually a pretty fair assessment.

However, we believe that it's not actually 'bad' - at least in a negative way. Rather, multi-hyphenate Wiseau's movie is an unforgettable work of hypnotic brilliance. It's what might happen if the late Stanley Kubrick had set out to make the last-word on "BadFilm". Wiseau's amazing movie is so inherently wrong on so many levels that viewing it unleashes an undeniable subliminal power - and it might actually be an astounding work of cinematic art. We're not kidding, you'll be pondering, laughing about (and quoting) THE ROOM for weeks. Satisfying refreshments will be served. Watch it with the people you love!

And the online debate rages on (watch for the rather convincing THE ROOM is made-by-a-vampire theory): www.imdb.com/title/tt0368226/usercomments


Wednesday, July 23rd! One Night Only!

White Hot 'N' Time-Warped Wednesdays

Produced and Directed by J.X. Williams. 1973 (10 minutes)


"I had fled the US because of a obscenity rap (again) and was doing a porn shoot up North in Toronto. I actually had a respectable budget for once and we flew in some top talent like John Holmes and Marilyn Chambers. We even had enough money to commission a bizarro-electronic soundtrack by some local goof named Bruce Haack who recorded (get this) children's records for a living. The production was unremarkable besides the presence of an uncredited producer who later cast Marilyn in a horror film he directed. I even lent him outtakes of her to use in his film. Anyway, I only have the first ten minutes of the film. I don't know what happened to the rest of it but the film wasn't very good anyhow." -- J.X. Williams (as told to Noel Lawrence by the anonymous donor of the film)

Film scholar Noel Lawrence will present a detailed introduction to the film and to the colorful life and the exile of the notorious, and almost forgotten, director J.X. Williams. Lawrence is currently spearheading the ongoing search for film prints of his lost works.

Followed by
Written and directed by Lanny Baugniet. 1968 (silent, 55 minutes)
A live piano score will be performed by V. Vale from

"Baugniet should be shot and his body left to rot in the slime at the bottom of the sea."
--Bob McCarthy,
Cahiers du Cinéma

A decade and a half before Ken Russell's GOTHIC and Ivan Passar's HAUNTED SUMMER, there was BYSSHE. This is a heretofore lost 16mm film version of the now-famous tale by Theatre Rhinoceros founder Lanny Baugniet.

How did 19 year-old Mary Shelley come to write her immortal cautionary tale Frankenstein or, The Modern Prometheus? Now the truth will be revealed!! With Sandra (Mrs. Peter Dr. Who Davison) Dickinson as Mary Shelley; Lanny Baugniet as Percy Bysshe Shelley; and Caroline (Mrs. Stuart Re-Animator Gordon) Purdy as Augusta Leigh.

Wednesday, July 30th! One Night Only!

White Hot 'N' Warped Wednesdays

Written and directed by J. Douglas Smith. 2007


Do you dare experience a surreal, bleeding-edge, satirical, indie menstrual comedy-horror from Kansas City?  The choice is yours: run screaming from the theatre, or go with the flow.

THE PERIOD. is a totally unique underground indie that follows the unique plight of Sharrie Heiman. She is forced to deal with her never-ending Amazonian menstruation, her furious girlfriend Clitoria, a perverted gynecologist, a fast talking agent, and the Art World! Warning! Contains extremely coarse language, bad rhymes, puns, crudity, nudity & oceans of blood from Ms. Heiman's fertile crescent. See it... if you dare!

Wednesday August 6th! One Night Only!

White Hot 'N' Time-Warped Wednesdays

Directed by Michael Reeves. 1967


He turns them on...he turns them off...to live...love...die or KILL!

The great hypnotist Professor Montserrat (Boris Karloff) has developed a device to project his consciousness into the mind of another person to experience all of their sensory input. Jaded and bored with all the standard sex, drugs, and rock n' roll, Mike (Ian Ogilvy) is in the mood for something different. A match made in science fiction heaven!

Director Michæl Reeves only managed to finish three movies (this is the second) before dying of an accidental overdose of barbiturates and alcohol in 1969 at the age of 24. WITCHFINDER GENERAL starring Vincent Price was Reeves' masterpiece and swan song, but THE SORCERERS is nothing to sneeze at, either. Gritty and quite modern, this picture will not be confused with anything that came out of Hammer Studios during that era. Reeves was not prone to comic relief or the Shakespearian theatrics that mar other efforts of that decade. It's dark and immediate. -
Film Threat

Followed by the return engagement of
Written and directed by Lanny Baugniet. 1968 (silent, 55 minutes)
A live piano score will be performed by V. Vale from

(see full description above)

Wednesday August 13th! One Night Only!

White Hot 'N' Warped Wednesdays


Directed by Mike Bruce. 2007



THE LEGEND OF GOD'S GUN is is one of the most striking debuts in years -- a Western that takes you to hell and back through a kaleidoscope of images, black comedy and fast blasting, death dealing guns. It's a musical journey with peyote visions amidst the harsh backdrop of a cruel world and religious vengeance.

"El Sobero and his dirty, smelly, degenerate cohorts...'. Our narrator offers us hilarious snippets of crucial background on the damned residents of 'Playa Diablo' - the Devil's playground of whores, liars, cowards and thugs that's plagued by particularly ruthless banditos. A town in need of salvation: salvation that our dim-witted bounty hunter brings only in the form of side splitting comic relief.

El Sobero, the bad assed bandito, has no worries and assures us that "my bloodline has been raping and pillaging for thousands of years, with no ill effects..." He drinks the venom of the scorpion amidst swirling visuals - his warped form of religious ecstasy. Then the preacher comes to town--

-- and the preacher? "If that man's a preacher, then I'm saint-fucking-Francis!" He strolls through Hell to do the Lord's work in this wretched town of sinners. He's the man in black and he's not taking any crap.

Color enhanced images, and the snapping and popping of hissing film reels follow our cowboys on their path to ultimate justice. THE LEGEND OF GOD'S GUN will kick your ass and take no prisoners! You'll want to see it again. You'll want to buy the soundtrack. Miss it at your peril! - Mike Skurko

Enter the bizarre realm of Thrillpeddlers -- if you dare!




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