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The District!

Directed by Aron Gauder
Hungary, 2005, 90 minutes, Animated
Hungarian language with English subtitles

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i73klreF-Io

Sunday, August 12 - 4:30pm at Roxie Film Center

Wednesday, August 15 - 9:30pm at Roxie Film Center


"Cash makes a dash from hand to hand, all addin' up in a promised land. The shit we go through ev'ry day, it's a bitch of a game, you wanna play?"

Hell, yes! The District! delivers a mean sock to the jaw, and offers peculiar glimpses of the mean streets of Hungary. A Gypsy Romeo and Juliet played by pimps, whores, thieves, gangsters and street kids delivers all the sex, drugs, violence you could want. Aron Gauder's wildly bizarre animated debut feature is a continually reeling adventure of absurdist comedy amidst the bleak and desolate life in the ghetto of Budapest. This cherry bomb of a film is completely whacked!

The kids of 'the district' grew up in constant fighting and inter-racial rivalry as their Gypsy, Hungarian, Arab, and Chinese families engage in everyday hostilities. Richie Lakatos attempts to pacify the hostile Csorba family, and win the hand of their lovely daughter Jules. He realizes that money is the way to peace, and that the only way to make real money is with oil (such lovely logic!). So the kids time travel to create their own oil reserves, and have an amusing mushroom trip. They return to exploit their oil, and radically change the District. Soon, their new-found wealth draws unwanted international attention.

The surreal, visually stunning animation pulses with the rhythms of Hungarian Hip Hop (often rendering subtitles unnecessary). It was so overwhelming that I missed dialogue - like whatever was said when the magically tumbling screw slowly spins to earth with its unbelievably perfect silver reflective mercury forming an oscillating mirror. This small masterpiece will blow you away. You'll want to see it again.
- Mike Skurko

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