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Sleazy Sundays

Sunday, April 8th, 2007
"Infernal BEaster"

7pm: Vernon Sewell's

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Come face to face with naked fear on the altar of evil!

We freely admit that The Crimson Cult might not make very much sense, but it's great entertainment. And where else are you going to find Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee, Michael Gough and Barbara Steele all in the same film?

8:30pm: Daniel Haller's

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A few years ago in Dunwich a half-witted girl bore illegitimate twins. One of them was almost human!

A Single White Warlock, Dean (Blue Velvet) Stockwell - sporting an awesome perm, seeks the Necronomicon and a beautiful blond babe to join him at the sacrificial altar! Based on the story by H.P. Lovecraft, and co-written by future Oscar winner Curtis (L.A. Confidential) Hanson.

plus the Devilish co-feature: Michael Levesque's

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If you're hairy you belong on a motorbike!

A biker gang runs afoul of Satanic monks who try to take the gang leader's woman to be the Bride of Satan. But the bikers soon realize that their encounter with Evil has turned one of their members into a werewolf. Rev up your engines and get ready for a howlingly good night at the movies.


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