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Sunday, April 1st, 2007
"Other Worlds"

7pm: Alfonso Brescia's

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Killer Androids on a Raygun Rampage! Alien Intruders with gorgeous Blond Pageboys!

"We are ready to attack them. General Gonad will take the majority of the enemy spaceships flying in his own formation so then we can attack them on the weak side."

A soon to be extinct alien civilization kidnaps two famous genetic scientists from Earth. A troop of soldiers is dispatched to combat the humanoid robots and rescue the victims. Uhhhh... what the hell am I watching???

8:30pm: Mario Bava's

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10,000 YEARS AGO, or 10,000 YEARS to COME? Are they beings of the Future or of the Past, these 'men' who rule the DEMON PLANET?

One of the best looking science fiction films of the 1960s, Mario Bava's bleak tale influenced Ridley Scott's Alien, and his landmark cult film still creates a truly nightmarish, otherworldy atmosphere with splendid set design and an eerie soundtrack.

Don't miss this on the big screen!

plus the out-of-this-world co-feature: Luigi Cozzi's

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From a vast and distant galaxy... A Space Adventure for all Time!

"Labelling Luigi Cozzi's Starcrash simply a bad film does it a disservice. This film is a landmark in the history of bad science fiction, so gloriously ignorant of just how horrible it truly is on every level that it becomes transcendent." -

Starring Caroline Munro, Marjoe Gortner, Christopher Plummer and David Hasselhoff!


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