***San Francisco Bay Guardian: Best of the Bay 2008***
Dead Channels - the San Francisco Festival of Fantastic Film

Short and Really Scary

Saturday, August 11 - 4:30pm at Roxie Film Center

Monday, August 13 - 9:30pm at Roxie Film Center

Rhyme Animal
Directed by Phil Roc
Cast: Craig 'muMs' Grant, Al Thompson, Bridget Barkan
USA, 2007, 22 min

In a radio interview, rapper 'Shiva' espouses a cryptic philosophy founded on the Religious virtues of consumption and destruction. Are his cannibalistic lyrics really just part of his act?

Red Harvest
Directed by Dylan Griffith
Cast: Blaine Hogan, Samantha Simon, Donovan White
USA, 2007, 22 min

The crop is excellent, it's been properly packaged to travel - so it's time to deliver the bud and get paid $40,000. But be careful not to run over any children on the way.

Directed by Shad Clark
Cast: Mary Ann Rossi, Corbett Trubey, Alan Dorr
USA, 2005, 7 min

A prelude to Bay Area filmmaker Shad Clark's upcoming feature film: a young woman struggles to free her jailed lover from a sadistic stranger in a HazMat suit. And we just heard that Anonymity was selected to screen on IFC's Media Lab - congratulations Shad!

Directed by Richard Gale
Cast: Bryan Rohan, Jon Lynd
USA, 2007, 18 min

A prominent film critic writes a scathing review of a new horror film, and is abducted by the film's mentally unstable director. The first horror film from Emmy Award-winner Richard Gale is an eye-opening experience.

Meter Maid Me Massacre
Directed by Cecil B. Feeder
Cast: Dennis Ruel, Gino Kang Ruthless Pescara and the Fly Without Wires Crew
USA, 2006, 19 min

Are you emotionally prepared for the Gone with the Wind of Bay Area meter-maid-zombie, martial arts films? One man plays a crucial role in a violent uprising against San Francisco's evil parking Czar.

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