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Secret Life of Sarah Sheldon

Directed by Annette Ashlie Slomka
Cast: Max Phyo, Annette Ashlie Slomka, Patty McCollim, Brenda Lamberty
USA, 2006, 90 minutes
Filmmakers in attendance

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gl3wGB-dbZM

Saturday, August 11 - 11:30pm at Roxie Film Center

Tuesday, August 14 - 9:30pm at Roxie Film Center


Two words: penis monster. Welcome to the Saturday midnight movie at Dead Channels.

"I've always had this innate fear that the world would become so overcrowded that we would explode, completely self-destruct into pieces. This project stemmed from that fear."
- Annette Ashlie Slomka

The Secret Life of Sarah Sheldon is an edgy, provocative thriller that combines the arousing themes of casual sex and bodily manipulation with the horrors of mutilation, mutation, and misdirected good intentions.

Sarah Sheldon, an intense (and one-time) medical school student - who was discharged for the improper and unauthorized use of human cadavers - begins to conduct unorthodox experiments. She sets up a make-shift lab in the bowels of her apartment with the assistance of her lab partner Alex, and Jenny - a young, unassuming sociopath with a taste for the macabre. However, Sarah's unbalanced obsessions with over-population have germinated into an unhealthy preoccupation with society's crumbling morals - and the promiscuous dregs that frequent the bars.

Through the use of implanted devices, Sarah and her two co-conspirators embark on a pursuit of their own. They set about to ensnare unsuspecting people that they meet at seedy bars and secretly sterilizes them during sexual intercourse.

When the male version of their experimental device (that is mounted to Alex) malfunctions and kills his partner instead of merely sterilizing her, it plunges Sarah's already wildly-teetering mental state into a downward spiral to the depths of psychosis and instigates a search for answers - and a new partner to help with her extreme experimental obsessions.

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