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Too Scary for Television...Redefining 'HORROR'

Panel Discussion with Epicenter:Arts


Tuesday, July 17th, 6:30pm

Minna Gallery
**Mezzanine Level**
111 Minna
San Francisco, CA

Panel moderated by Graham Leggat: San Francisco Film Society

Rod Armstrong: San Francisco International Film Festival
Philip Chidel: Director of Subject Two
Bruce Fletcher: Dead Channels Film Festival
Amy Rust: Department of Rhetoric and Film Studies at the University of California, Berkeley
Chris Wiggum: Larsen and Associates publicity

Please join Gen Art and Epicenter:Arts for a series of thought provoking panel discussions focusing on the arts:
Tuesday July 17th features "Too Scary for Television...Redefining 'HORROR'".

Horror films have undergone significant transformation over the decades. What is "horror"? What draws the public to "horror" and the psyches behind it? With a formula of sex, nudity, gore and violence, how does one horror film become a cult phenomenon and the other tank at the box office? Is it the publicity or is it the content? Having an array of categories within itself, ranging from psychological/thrillers (The Hand That Rocks the Cradle); teen horrors (Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer); gory/torture horrors (Hostel, Texas Chain Saw Massacre); religious horrors (Exorcist, Omen) to the new trend of foreign horror films (The Grudge, The Ring), how does one define "horror"?

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