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Directed by Uwe Boll
Germany, Canada, 2007, 104 minutes
Cast: Zack Ward, Dave Foley, Larry Thomas, Verne Troyer, Uwe Boll, Vince Desi

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Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KvR0Wkbs6k

Thursday, August 9 - 9:30pm at Castro Theatre



On Thursday August 9, 2007, Dead Channels presents the US premiere of the unrated director's cut of Postal, Dr. Uwe Boll's 13th movie. Get your tickets early (or the terrorists win).

The latest from the notorious director (and undefeated internet-critic boxing champion) defies his critic's expectations - it's a terrific movie. Delegates confirmed to attend this special presentation are director Uwe Boll, the 'Postal Dude' Zack Ward (Transformers, Titus, A Christmas Story), and Larry Thomas (best known as Seinfeld's Soup Nazi) who puts Osama bin Laden into comic relief. Other delegates are expected to attend. The Q&A following the premiere promises to be lively.

Postal delivers exactly what it promises: it's a laugh-out-loud, blacker-than-pitch anarchic satire that lines up our sacred cows and slaughters them. A long-lived cult following is virtually guaranteed for this hypnotically entertaining cinematic Molotov cocktail.

Boll's soon-to-be controversial comedy is an outrageously politically incorrect roller-coaster ride, with scenarios ripped screaming from the headlines - and something to offend everyone.

Uncle Dave (Foley from The Kids in the Hall and Newsradio) leads a Doomsday Cult whose fund-raising efforts run afoul of Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban - currently headquartered behind a convenience store. Both factions target a shipment of International Superstar Verne Troyer's Krotchy dolls. Elsewhere, Postal Dude is having a really bad day. He catches his morbidly obese wife rocking the trailer with their hillbilly landlord and all Hell breaks loose.

The veteran ensemble cast (including a brilliant cameo by the director as himself) sinks their collective teeth into the tastelessly hilarious script and go for broke. Boll expertly maintains the frantic pacing necessary to handle the vast array of jaw-dropping material onscreen. The non-stop action and creative set-pieces also serve to showcase his directorial skills, technical control and stylistic flair. And Postal is much smarter than it first appears - which never hurts.

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