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Nuit Noire

Directed by Olivier Smolders
Belgium, 2005, 90 minutes
French language with English subtitles


Saturday, August 11 - 12:30pm at Roxie Film Center

Monday, August 13 - 9:30pm at Roxie Film Center

Wednesday, August 15 - 5:15pm at Roxie Film Center


A dark, surreal film that taps into the creepier side of the subconscious Nuit Noire is gorgeously photographed with a virtually non-stop barrage of beautiful, unsettling imagery, but is so thoroughly inscrutable on first viewing - my guess is this will take at least three to really begin to unpack - that it makes for difficult viewing.

Oscar is an insect specialist at a local museum founded by his father. He spends his evenings tending to the cages of eggs, pupa and grubs in his home before taking the full grown specimens to the museum by day, bound for the killing jar and display boards. And when I say 'day' I mean only the period of time between 9 AM and 5 PM, which in Oscar's world is otherwise indistinguishable from the night because the world receives only fifteen seconds of sunlight per day. Museum management occasionally reads poetry over the institution's PA system. Oscar's therapist peers into his ear through a metal funnel to see his dreams acted out on a puppet theater stage. There are sets of twins everywhere. Oscar believes he killed the sister that his therapist says he never had in the first place and, thus, could not have killed�.

Nuit Noire is a continual stream of metaphors, layers upon layers of images, all of which mean something other than the literal and the trick is puzzling it out, which is no mean feat as the stream never slows down enough to give you time to think. - Todd Brown

We edited this from Todd's review at Twitchfilm.net because we are equally befuddled and can't describe the film any better than this in 250 words. Thanks Todd!

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