***San Francisco Bay Guardian: Best of the Bay 2008***
Dead Channels - the San Francisco Festival of Fantastic Film

Live Acts and Dead Channels in the Hypnodrome

Join us at a series of "happenings"...

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NEW! from Thrillpeddlers playwright jonathan horton...

"The Revelations of Jean Vadim:
The Oracle of the Cephalic Vivarium"

starring Russell Blackwood and Yusef Lambert

Authentic! Shocking Dispatches From Beyond the Somatic Boundary: The Menagerie of the Mind! Anomalous Verities that can no longer be SUPPRESSED! "Ravings? Delusions? Transgressions against the Natural Order? YOU Decide!"

Newly Designed Shock Box Seats and "Lights Out" Thrills Do you dare to enter - The Pharoh's Tomb! Heaven and Hell! The Asylum of Shock!

Wednesday Nights, July 18th thru August 8th
7:30 pm at Hypnodrome
575 10th street (between bryant and division)
tickets - $5

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plus feature films from the Cosmic Hex achives...

July 18th: the Terror of Tiny Town

July 25th: Witchcraft Through the Ages

August 1st: White Zombie

August 8th: Creation of the Humanoids

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