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Jupiter Love

Created by Michael Andre & Nikka Kalashnikova
Australia, 2006, 85minutes
Cast: Nikka Kalashnikova, Michael Andre


Friday, August 10 - 4:30pm at Roxie Film Center

Monday, August 13 - 7:15pm at Roxie Film Center

Tuesday, August 14 - 5:15pm at Roxie Film Center

"Men are a virus. Women are an infection. Love is a disease."

We are intrigued by the impulses and pathological behavior that drives men and women, and had wanted to portray it in a film directly and honestly, based on what we had personally witnessed and read about. As filmmakers we knew we could pull off the technical side with DV and laptop editing, so it was a case of creating a script with enough scenes to create a cohesive narrative arc, yet make each scene self-contained mini case-studies of extreme behavior. - Michael Andre & Nikka Kalashnikova

A female (Nikka Kalashnikova as Chromosome X) digital artist drives interstate to her first solo exhibit. On the open road a lone male (Michael Andre as Chromosome Y) drives up along side and start videotaping her. She reacts by sexually teasing and taunting him. Crazed and enraged he repeatedly rams her car and her only reaction is laughter. What follows is an allegorical descent to the raw nerve of male sexual-psychosis. Madness takes its toll, and fire rains from the sky.

Part crazed road film, part acidic commentary on the power struggle of the sexes, Jupiter Love is a turbo-charged high speed sexual encounter that grips the viewers with its twists of psychopathology. Produced, directed, written, photographed, acted, composed and designed by Michael Andre, Nikka Kalashnikova, this is a quintessential example of DIY digital filmmaking - and they picked up an Award at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival for the "Best Gratuitous Use of Sex".

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