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A Sleazy Sunday Afternoon with Jack Hill

The classic Spider Baby, or the Maddest Story Ever Told plays at 2:30pm and the rarely screened Pit Stop starts at 4:30pm.

Spider Baby - Sunday, August 12 - 2:30pm at Roxie Film Center

Pit Stop - Sunday, August 12 - 4:30pm at Roxie Film Center

Dead Channels' popular Sleazy Sunday grindhouse revival series returns during the Film Festival with an afternoon double bill presented by the great American indie director/ screenwriter Jack Hill. The auteur responsible for Coffy, Foxy Brown and Switchblade Sisters (among others) is providing 35mm prints of his classic Spider Baby and the practically unknown Pit Stop with Sid Haig.

Mr. Hill will discuss his career, new projects and answer any and all questions from the audience. Filmmaker Mark (Evil Eyes) Atkins will moderate the on-stage conversation, and discuss his upcoming collaboration with Mr. Hill. Get your tickets early.

Spider Baby (1968, 81 minutes) is actually Hill's first feature-length movie. It was shot in 1964, but for legal reasons it wasn't released for a number of years. It stars Lon Chaney Jr. (in one of his last roles), Carol Ohlmart and Sid Haig and tells the story of the Merrye clan and their rare syndrome. As they age, the victims devolve into a pre-human condition of savagery and cannibalism. It doesn't get much better than that.

Pit Stop (1969, 92 minutes) is a high-octane race through classic American car culture that stars Brian Donlevy, Richard Davalos, Ellen Burstyn, and Sid Haig. Get set for thrills and spills in the world of stock cars, wrecking yards, custom cars, drag racing, dune buggy hill climbs, oval track racing and the newest automotive fad - figure-8 track racing.

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