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Hot Baby!

Directed by Jeff Roenning
USA, 2007, 84 minutes
Cast: Adam Scarimbolo, Emily Grace, Greg Travis, Heidi Kristoffer, Noah Fleiss
World Premiere


Tuesday, August 14 - 9:30pm at Roxie Film Center

Wednesday, August 15 - 5:15pm at Roxie Film Center

We are extremely proud to present the World Premiere of Hot Baby!, the debut feature film from Bay Area filmmaker Jeff Roenning.

Jim Cavanaugh (Adam Scarimbolo) lost his mother when he was a child. As far as he knows she merely left, never to make contact again. Raised by a domineering single father "Tex" (Greg Travis), Jim is now a repressed and gawky teenager. Now Tex is a piece of work. A Texan, transplanted into suburbia, he finds release through an unusual association with a troubled quack. Tex works for the famed Johnsville Corporation. What his job entails, no one is quite sure, though shady real estate deals seem to be involved.

As Jim matures into a young man, Tex starts to make life more and more miserable for him. Urged by his hot girlfriend Doreen (Emily Grace) to escape, Jim starts to look for clues as to his mother's whereabouts. Doreen finds a bunch of deed transfers that point to a town called Johnsville. Once a thriving turn of the century town, it now sits deserted and forgotten. Even so, there is an unnatural lack of decay. The lawns are manicured and the houses are uniformly white. Someone has been maintaining the place. What better place for hormone charged teenagers to party?.

Although Jim doesn't know it, the family connections that he'll find in Johnsville won't bring him any closer to Mommy, rather they lead to semi-retarded hillbillies, Peterbilt trucks and Porky's inspired horror. Nobody escapes the bloodletting in this heartwarming tale of a family reunited. Warning: Hot Baby! may be much more twisted than you expect.

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