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Freesia - Icy Tears

Directed by Kumakiri Kazuyoshi
Japan, 2007, 103 minutes
Cast: Tasuku Emoto, Sh�ji K�kami, Masaki Miura
Japanese language with English subtitles

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cvum6gvVJ_I

Saturday, August 11 - 2:30pm at Roxie Film Center

Tuesday, August 14 - 7:15pm at Roxie Film Center


Based on the best-selling manga by Jir� Matsumoto, Freesia - Icy Tears is an action-packed futuristic thriller from acclaimed independent director Kumakiri Kazuyoshi - who long ago developed a signature style deeply rooted in Manga-like compositions. Two professional executioners, deprived of their ability to feel emotions, begin a journey to regain their humanity. The powerhouse director is at it again.

This science-fiction action film revives an ancient Japanese law from the Edo Period, once known as the 'Act of Vengeance' to examines a society where professional killers are permitted to take out criminals at the request of the victims. Those slated for 'execution' are notified of the planned time and date of the impending attack, and are allowed to hire a professional bodyguard for defense.

Hiroshi is a hired assassin at the Katsumi Vengeance Agency, and his colleague is Higuchi. Together they rediscover a shared trauma from their distant past. This spectacular life-changing event involves the detonation of an experimental freeze bomb. Both were present and now have frozen emotionally - and maintain the added inability to feel physical pain, a bonus considering their profession.

Yet another stylish and delightfully demented effort ( with a sad and sorrowful undertone) from Kumakiri; this is a definite must-see film with a lovely combination of the stylish, brutal and sometimes bizarre. The phenomenal performances by all of the leads and will have you gripping your seat from start to finish. International film festival veteran Kumakiri-san is best known here for Kichiku dai Enkai, Antenna and Green Mind, Metal Bats (and visited SF with the two latter titles). - Mike Skurko

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