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Directed by Harry Basil
Cast: Kristen Cavallari, Leah Pipes, Josh Henderson, Lou Diamond Philips, Sally Kirkland
USA, 2006, 97 minutes


Sunday, August 12 - 9:15pm at Roxie Film Center

Monday, August 13 - 7:15pm at Roxie Film Center

Fingerprints, Harry Basil's award-winning scare fest, is based on an urban legend from San Antonio, Texas. 50 years ago, a school bus filled with children was hit by a train, killing everyone on board. The ghosts of the children stay in the area to save the living from their ghastly undead fate. They say the tale is easily proven: if a car is put in neutral on the railroad tracks at the deathly intersection, the long-dead children will push the car off the tracks, leaving only ghostly fingerprints on the the vehicle.

The best possible description of Basil's amazing film is this English translation of an Italian review:

A little girl appears on crossroads with desert streets, a young woman gives her a lift and offers a jacket to wrap her, but the girl escapes and leaves the woman with many irresolutions... The city where both of them proceed, is the scene of mysterious events and some crimes... An urban legend on the background the community celebrates with some removal... Enjoy horror maniacs, because this film becomes you: a fantastic mixture of supernatural terrors, fears, violence and blood at pleasure like in slasher movies best tradition without omitting creeps and sweats of the best ghost stories: spectral children crossing the remote border of the truth to push out beyond the limit of the simple apparition... Prints of a past still hiding into the folds of the existence of a sleepy but little quiet Texas town ... The secrets and the dark designs of the human madness....
- Splattercontainer.com

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