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End of the Line

Directed by Maurice Devereaux
Cast: Ilona Elkin, Nicolas Wright, Neil Napier
Canada, 2006, 95 minutes

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlP70cpD_nM

Friday, August 10 - 9:15pm at Roxie Film Center

Saturday, August 11 - 9:15pm at Roxie Film Center


This gut wrenching, nastily clever feature is an original take on the survival horror genre. It plays on modern paranoia, showing religious extremism through the lens of slasher and zombie movies.
- Brussels International Festival of Fantastic Film

"Original and ambitious, jolts you from the opening scene to its twisted ending!"
- Toronto International Film Festival

They live among us! They have been waiting for 2000 years! Now the End is Near, and their time has finally come!

Writer, producer, editor and director Maurice Devereaux wants to scare you. There's no going back, so climb on board and join us for a ride to the very end of the line.

Karen, a young psychiatric nurse, had a very disturbing night on the ward and her nerves are completely on edge, but the worst is yet to come. As she waits for the subway train, she's forced to deal with a dangerous threatening stranger. The train arrives in the nick of time and she seems to be Saved - scattered throughout the cars are worshippers from the Church of Hope, on their way home from a church gathering with the good Reverend Hope.

Comforted by safety in numbers, Karen relaxes, until the train comes to a sudden stop in the middle of the tunnel. Suddenly, cell phones start to ring, the Churchgoers answer their phones en masse and the nightmare truly begins. Reverend Hope is calling with The Good News! Armageddon is upon us (finally), and there are Souls to be Saved! All Hell is about to break loose!

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