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Big Bang Love, Juvenile A

(46 oku nen no koi)
Directed by Takashi Miike
Japan, 2006, 85 minutes
Cast: Ryuhei Matsuda, Masanobu Ando, Ryo Ishibashi
Japanese language with English subtitles


Thursday, August 9 - 7:30pm at the Castro Theatre

Big Bang Love, Juvenile A

"This is a Takashi Miike film. It will make you wonder, curse, marvel, tremble, scratch your head, grow bored, and awaken rudely. Celebrate it."
- Tom Mes, Midnight Eye

Dead Channels kicks into high gear with our Opening Night Film, the 65th (or so) movie from the audacious, wildly talented (and fantastically prolific) Takashi Miike.

Big Bang Love, Juvenile A is a change of pace for the world's most outrageous director. Audiences expecting a truly outrageous work like Audition, or Ichi the Killer will be treated to a post-modern, surreal, science fiction, arthouse boys-in-prison tip of the hat to Jean Genet. It played to wide critical acclaim at the Berlin and Toronto Film Festivals and we are delighted to present this amazing film in San Francisco.

Jun, an employee in a gay bar, kills a customer who sexually assaults him. While being transported to jail, he meets Shiro, another young prisoner who displays his brute force from the beginning. The timid Jun is attracted to his intensity - until one of them dies, and the mystery surrounding them deepens. Inside the prison the dance continues, and outside the walls, a rocketship waits in the shadow of the ancient pyramid.

"Once again Miike has crafted a film that utterly rejects conventional narrative and film making conventions to instead try to break new ground while asking big questions about the destructive nature of humanity."
- Todd Brown, Twitch


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