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Who is K.K. Downey?

Directed by Darren Curtis and Pat Kiely
Canada, 2008, 90 minutes
Cast: Darren Curtis, Kristen Adams, Matt Silver, Pat Kiely

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4B-R0qEZT8

Sunday, October 5th - 6:00pm at Roxie Film Center

Tuesday, October 7th - 6:00pm at Roxie Film Center




"[A] brilliant comedy... by far the funniest film I saw at this year's Cinequest." -- Richard Von Busack San Jose Metro

A few years ago everyone wanted to know 'Who is JT Leroy?' Now, the Art World is falling over itself to meet KK!

Who is KK Downey? is the hilarious story of two low-rent artistes who decide they are sick and tired of trying to make a name for themselves the old-fashioned way. Terrance is trying to make it as a rock star with his band, The Black Guts, while Theo dreams of getting his first book published: Truck Stop Hustler is a sordid look at the street-life of KK Downey, an abused teenaged junkie male prostitute.

After a string of humiliations by both publishers and music critics, the two hatch a (completely ridiculous and utterly unbelievable) plan to turn Theo's fictional book into an autobiography. Musician Terrance throws on a long black wig and dark glasses, and in an instant they have created the quintessential tortured artist/hipster poster boy.

Their foolish scheme works, and Truck Stop Hustler the book that nobody wanted, becomes an overnight literary sensation as a memoir. The book sells like hot cakes and KK Downey becomes a sensation, with Theo acting as his manager. KK's stock rises, with sold out readings, movie deals, and the opening of a Warholian art space, but the strain of fame begins to wear on Terrance. He starts to pull away from the limelight after experiencing the superficiality of being a pop celebrity. On the flipside, Theo has taken his role as KK's manager to Phil Spector-ian heights. Side-splitting black comedy ensues.


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