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Reality Bleed-Through

Directed by Jimmy Creamer
USA, 2008, 73 minutes
Cast: Brandon Slagle, Eleanor Gwyn-Jones, Sean Egan, Farrah Crane

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBwbx60QodQ

One Show Only!

Saturday, October 4th - 6:00pm at Roxie Film Center




A sun worshipping drug cult called "Sister Salvation" has over thrown the government. During a catastrophic war the ozone layer is eradicated and now those who go into the sun are burned alive. Additionally a terrible plague has runs rampant killing and isolating the remaining populace. The situation is dire.

During the failed war the government decided to add to the war coffers through a clever national program and to recall all the debt at once. Every credit card, every student loan and every mortgage needed to be paid immediately. Those who could not pay had the choice between joining the army or signing up for government experiments. Ethan opted to be a human guinea pig. But before the nature of the experiments were revealed, the war was over and the project was shuttered. Now Ethan is hearing things and appears to be either on the verge of all out psychosis or is tapping into another world. At the point of no return he opts for suicide and then meets up with "the suicide king" Ethan explains: "He makes it so you don't want to live anymore." As the hallucinations intensify a group of people get into his house in desperation, trying to escape the sun. Suffice to say some very, very terrible things begin to unfold as Reality Bleed Through does it's very best to see that no one gets out alive!

This is a powerful and amazingly visual film that will get under your skin. This terrible reality could well be in the "not too distant future." This group is hoping to survive the horror of the night and the ongoing terror of a world gone wrong. Hallucinations are portrayed with stunning accuracy and surreal coloration. What exactly might this terrible world look like? From the eyes of dementia, from the perspective of what might well be a psychotic episode... Reality Bleed Through, the terror is absolute and punishing. Psychosis dished up fast and ferocious. Warning: Watching this film may cause seizures and you may also need to get back on those meds!! Thorazine anyone? - Mike Skurko

Set the controls for the heart of the sun, black magic, psychic driving, flashbacks, harmful and subversive subliminals, hands, cut-ups, no hands, good drugs, Wars on God, deprogramming, live action, dead stasis, bizarre animation, inter-dimensional rips, death-trips, tritones, mutilation, suicide fuck, reality cult, psychotic break, psychotic break, psychotic break. -- Bruce Fletcher


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