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Directed by Nicolas Roeg
Ireland, 2007, 119 minutes
Cast: Kelly Reilly, Miranda Richardson, Rita Tushingham, Donald Sutherland
Adapted by Dan Weldon from Fay Weldon's novel

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5S9c4YLHQ0g

US Theatrical Premiere!

Co-presented by:

Sunday, October 5th - 8:00pm at Roxie Film Center

Thursday, October 9th - 6:00pm at Parkway Speakeasy, Oakland




"It's quite a strange thing to think of the supernatural. I believe it's more natural, but just overlooked. It's part of all our lives. We've invented artificialities; we don't really dare look at what is quite ordinary. We exist within the compass of what we think is real." -- Nicolas Roeg

Nicolas Roeg, the cinematic architect of mind-bending, sexually charged classics such as The Man Who Fell to Earth, Performance, Walkabout, Insignificance, Eureka, Bad Timing: A Sensual Obsession, and Castaway finds fertile material for his unique sensibility in his latest work. Puffball also reunites with Roeg with Donald Sutherland for the first time since their collaboration with Julie Christie on the masterpiece Don't Look Now.

"Life is so full of stories of love, jealousy, hope and sex, of horror, grief and joy. But however they are told, they all begin and end the same way." -- Nicolas Roeg

Powerful supernatural forces are unleashed when Liffey, a young architect and her boyfriend move to an isolated and mysterious valley in Ireland to renovate an ancient decaying cottage.

Shortly after arriving Liffey unexpectedly becomes pregnant... and powerful ancient forces are unleashed. An extended family of rural women--Mabs, a mother of three trying to get pregnant again, Audrey, her reclusive teenage daughter, and Mabs's mother, Molly. Molly is a witch and takes great interest in the unborn child. The spells are cast and the OldGods begin to stir.

Nicolas Roeg extracts the uncanny from the familiar and delivers a mix of enveloping thrill, adult sexuality and otherworldly omens. Puffball is an adaptation of the Fay Weldon novel of the same name. The screenplay is written by her son Dan Weldon, who also co-produces (and who collaborated with Roeg for over three years in the run-up to the actual making of the film).

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