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A Gothic Tale

Directed by Justin Paul Ritter
USA, 2008, 107 minutes
Cast: Roddy Piper, Marshal Hilton, Jamey Hood

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEPZS-WrCmk

World Premiere!

Sunday, October 5th - 10:00pm at Roxie Film Center

Monday, October 6th - 6:00pm at Roxie Film Center




We are delighted to present the World Premiere of A Gothic Tale, the latest from Justin Paul Ritter, the notorious director of KatieBird. But don't let that alarm you, the new film is entertaining and enjoyable, which is a radical departure from his previous extreme experiment in audience discomfort.

A Gothic Tale examines emotional greed and personal choice, while challenging good judgment, morality, love, and human ethics. The descent begins with our somewhat crazed and apparently homeless narrator, played by Roddy (They Live) Piper, standing beside a burning barrel... and he's got something poetic to say. We soon learn the yarn is a horrible melting pot of three notoriously morbid tales, woven like a perfect web, that pique the interest and draw you into the horrible and the insane. This is not just any old gothic tale... no, it is 'A Gothic Tale' inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart, Nathaniel Hawthorne's Dr. Heidegger's Experiment and Robert Louis Stevenson's Markheim.

If you are familiar with even one of these tales you'll immediately know what grim, disturbing and perfectly crafted delights are in store. You've never heard of them? What are you in for? In a word... Madness. Terrible madness will be served up from an insane perspective, yet still, there is clarity -- and in the end...? As our narrator reminds us; "but don't we all have bad judgment from time to time? I bet with a little understanding that we all could forgive ourselves for just about anything."

A Gothic Tale is over-the-top, old-school, and bone chilling, and it will haunt you long after you exit the theater. -- Mike Skurko

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