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Directed by Karla Jean Davis
USA, 2008, 104 minutes
Cast: Joanna Daniel, Anessa Ramsey, Diana Brown, Frank Warlick

Trailer: http://web.mac.com/dancebuffet/Site/GOLGOTHATRAILER.html

Saturday, October 4th - 2:00pm at Roxie Film Center

Wednesday, October 8th - 6:00pm at Roxie Film Center





"Sorceresses don't need friends."

An homage to German Expressionist silent films, Golgotha is the memoir of an evil sorceress's life at the top... alone.

"Once upon a time, I was a little girl with a healthy sense of irony who liked to see the bad guys win...sometimes. I liked 80's fantasy cartoons---you know, the ones that actually had a sense of drama and purpose outside of mindless one-liners by loudmouthed sidekicks---and I liked to play capture-and-release dungeon siege tales in my basement with dragon and unicorn toys.

If you keep that in mind, it's pretty clear that Golgotha is one of those stories that kind-of wrote itself. It's the story that has never stopped being written: a combination of fairytale archetypes, personal experiences, dreams, nightmares, and my favorite German Expressionist movies. But more than anything else, it's an attempt to prove to the board of directors at AFI that I could write a narrative because they dissed my reel during the directing interview based on what they perceived as 'overtly lacking narrative qualities'. Childish, right?" -- Karla Jean Davis

Golgotha remembers the days before she was a powerful (and power-hungry) sorceress. Her woeful account reveals an obsession with a certain wooden-handled sword and---possibly, buried deep beneath her icy facade---a desire for love. But even unto her dying breath, will Golgotha ever admit it?

She was once the most powerful sorceress of all time; but age has reduced the once-feared sorceress to a sick, old woman on her deathbed. In a rare moment of candor (and humility), she confesses her life story to a goblin named Minion, the last of her loyal footservants. The story's end might be more than she bargained for...

Karla Jean Davis's feature film debut is a reverse fairytale that plays out a tragic childhood, coming of age, rebellion, and rise to power on a particularly expressionistic stage. Like an old horror or noir, the entire film is black-and-white, and although the 'real time' scenes have recorded sound, Golgotha's memories (which comprise a majority of the narrative) occur as a series of silent flashbacks with intertitles. Don't miss this epic labor of love.


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