***San Francisco Bay Guardian: Best of the Bay 2008***
Dead Channels - the San Francisco Festival of Fantastic Film

Fantastic Short Films

Saturday, October 4th - 4:00pm at Roxie Film Center

Monday, October 6th - 6:00pm at Roxie Film Center

Mr. Video
Directed by Alex Masterton
United Kingdom, 2008, 15 minutes

Frustrated with competing against DVD piracy, the owner of a small video store decides to fight back and save his ailing business.

Auga (Water)
Directed by Xose Anton Perozo
Spain, 2006, 10 minutes
Spanish with English subtitles

Two thieves try to steal an old car -- but it knows how to defend itself.

Foet (Director's Cut)
Directed by Ian Fischer
USA, 2002, 14 minutes

How far would you go for fashion? What are you wearing?

The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon
Created by Richard Gale
USA, 2008, 10 minutes

An epic tale from Dead Channels' alumnus Richard Gale starring Paul Clemens (MGM's the Beast Within) and Brian Rohan (Criticized).

Directed by Jose Zambrano Cassella
USA, 2008, 14 minutes

Mina is a little girl with a dark secret, but her time is running out, and her stomach is growling

Ending the Eternal
Directed by Justin McConnell
Canada, 2008, 14 minutes

Samuel Gradius is very old and very weary, but death is creeping up the stairs.

Dead Bones
Directed by Olivier Beguin
Switzerland, 2008, 19 minutes
Cast: Arie (Sin City) Verveen, Ken (Dawn of the Dead) Foree & Ruggero (Cannibal Holocaust) Deodato

The Wild West. A bounty hunter is tracking down a criminal. He catches up with him in a small half-abandoned village where he soon discovers that the few re-maining locals have unusual customs.

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