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Epitaph (Gidam)

Directed by the Jung Brothers (Jung Bum-Sik, Jung Sik)
South Korea, 2007, 98 minutes, 35mm
Cast: Jin Goo, Lee Dong-Kyu, Kim Tae-Woo, Kim Bo-Kyung
Korean with English subtitles

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTpMcXSSoio

One Show Only!

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Thursday, October 7th - 8:00pm at Roxie Film Center






Having long been lingering in the cinematic doldrums, 2007 turned out to be a bumper year for Korean horror, largely thanks to the willingness of directors to innovate and to try something a little different than the usual simple tales of vengeful long haired spirits stalking schoolgirls. This is certainly the case with Epitaph from newcomers the Jung Brothers who took the ambitious move of making their debut a complexly woven anthology style piece with an intriguing historical setting. Their efforts paid off, it screened at a number of prestigious festivals and won the New Director Award at the Pusan Film Critics Awards. -- Beyond Hollywood

A chill is in the air (and the snails on the move) as unrequited, obsessive love is swept up in a sea of blood. We are delighted to present Epitaph, the internationally critically acclaimed, stunningly shot and directed, Korean box office sensation from the Jung Brothers.

The year is 1942; the Korean capital of Kyung Sung is occupied by the Japanese; and the Anseng Hospital lies in the center of the city, representing the twin glories of Japanese Imperialism and Western modernization. But mysterious things are happening at the hospital: An intern, romantically drawn to a corpse, is instead bound by his parents to marry a girl whom he has never met; a traumatized little girl, the lone survivor of a horrific car crash, is tortured by bloody visions; and a married couple, who are doctors, desperately try to manage their colleagues' behaviors but find themselves investigating a series of brutal murders. As the stories unfold and secrets are revealed, the hospital and its staff descend into a dark abyss from which they may never return.

Epitaph marks the stunning debut of the Jung Brothers, who have mentored with some of the best in Korean cinema. Sik Jung worked as an assistant director to Park Chan-Wook on Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance and Old Boy. The film is sumptuous with stellar production values, including gorgeous cinematography and an evocative soundtrack that is both romantic and menacing. But Epitaph's emotional richness grounds the film amidst the scares, earning its acclaim for having jump-started the K-horror genre and moving it in a refreshing direction. -- Lewis Tice, Danger After Dark


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