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Bad Biology

Directed by Frank Henenlotter
USA, 2008, 84 minutes
Cast: Charlee Danielson, Anthony Sneed, Jelena Jensen
Written by Frank Henenlotter & R.A. 'The Rugged Man' Thorburn

Trailer: http://www.brightcove.tv/title.jsp?title=1442372416

Friday, October 3rd at 10pm: Roxie Film Center

Thursday, October 9th at 9pm: Parkway Speakeasy, Oakland





Bad Biology is guaranteed to shock even the most desensitized of audiences, and is sure to become a modern cult classic. -- Johnny Butane, Dread Central

"A film that flies its freak flag high" -- Mitch Davis, Fantasia

Frank Henenlotter, director of the classic cult films Brain Damage, Frankenhooker and the Basket Case trilogy, returns to the big screen after a 16 year absence with an incredibly twisted (yet somehow strangely romantic and touching) tale of love, weirdness and God.

Jennifer and Batz have serious genetic issues. Unfortunately this causes them to become continually overcome by uncontrolled and uncontrollable biological excess in search of pure, frenzied evolutionary drive. They both have frantic and unsatisfying searches for seemingly unattainable sexual fulfillment (usually resulting in multiple births) - yet cruel fate keeps them totally unaware of the other's existence. Unfortunately, their paths cross. Then things get very weird (and highly sexual) when these two unusual reproductive dynamos dive headlong into the deep end of the gene pool. Will their explosive union lead directly to.... God? Wow.

Bad Biology is produced and co-written by celebrated underground rapper R.A. 'The Rugged Man' Thorburn, features a pulsating hip-hop soundtrack from Prince Paul, and absolutely bizarre images from Special Effects Maestro Gabe Bartalos (Basket Case 2 & 3, Brain Damage, Frankenhooker, Skinned Deep, Matthew Barney's Cremaster 2, 3, 4 & Drawing Restraint 9).

Preceded by

Far Out
Directed by Phil Mucci
USA, 2007, 5 minutes


Dead Channels alumnus Phil (The Listening Dead) Mucci brings you a Happening! Consider your mind blown!

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