***San Francisco Bay Guardian: Best of the Bay 2008***
Dead Channels - the San Francisco Festival of Fantastic Film

2008 Dead Channels Film Festival

Audience Award Winners

Best Feature Film

Let the Right One In
(Låt den Rätte Komma In)

Best Short Film

The Horribly Slow Murderer
with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon

The award-winning DEAD CHANNELS FILM FESTIVAL is Northern California's premier celebration of independent and international fantastic filmmaking. The Festival brings entertaining and intelligent science-fiction, fantasy, horror, action, exploitation and a few weird unclassifiable cinematic gems to audiences in the Bay Area.

Our inaugural 2007 festival along with our 2008 Summer series -- White Hot 'N' Warped Wednesdays -- paved the path to being awarded the 2008 Best of the Bay by the San Francisco Bay Guardian. The 2008 festival runs from October 2 - 9th and San Franciscans are already brimming with anticipation and excitement.

Dead Channels will showcase a diverse selection of amazing fantastic films from around the globe -- often presented by the artists who made them. World and U.S. premieres will play alongside global festival favorites and select retrospective titles. The programming ranges from classic science fiction and fantasy to the defiantly non-mainstream adult offerings we unveil at midnight. Incredible movies, outrageous parties, and the City of San Francisco itself, guarantee a truly memorable week-long celebration of mind-bending fantastic films.

Friday October 3
Roxie Film Center
Saturday October 4
Roxie Film Center
Sunday October 5
Roxie Film Center
2:00pm Golgotha From Inside + Latchkey's Lament
4:00pm Plague Town + Peekers Fantastic Short Films Colossus: The Forbin Project
6:00pm From Inside + Latchkey's Lament Reality Bleed-Through Who is K.K. Downey?
8:00pm Let the Right One In Plague Town + Peekers Puffball
10:00pm Bad Biology + Far Out Tokyo Gore Police A Gothic Tale
11:45pm Gutterballs Weird World of LSD + Las Historias
Mas Sexy Del Mundo pt 1

Monday October 6
Roxie Film Center
Tuesday October 7
Roxie Film Center
Wednesday October 8
Roxie Film Center
6:00pm A Gothic Tale Who is K.K. Downey? Golgotha
8:00pm The Disappeared Epitaph Retardead
10:00pm Fantastic Short Films Cut-Throats Nine Viscera & the Incubus

Thursday October 9
Roxie Film Center
6:00pm The Disappeared
8:00pm Surveillance
10:00pm The 10th Victim

Friday October 10
The Vortex Room
9:00pm Closing Celebration

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